Our Team

Our team is well versed in the world of land leveling and project management. For many years now they have performed the most difficult jobs, from planning the work and estimating the volumes to be moved, to transporting heavy equipment on the most inaccessible of tracks and maintaining our fleet in perfect shape. And diligently driving one of our bulldozers through the bush for hours on end, until darkness finally halts their efforts…


Here are a few of our champions presented to you.

For our fleet management, we are highly dependent on good, well-maintained equipment. For this part of our operations we count on our technicians, for instance Yahaya Abedi Boki. Over the years, Yahaya has taken on many duties in the field of planning, estimating, logistics etc. 

Naiman Sarakikya - senior technician, seconds him; Naiman was the second technician we hired. Together with Yahaya he keeps our equipment in the best possible condition. 

In the field we have a great number of excellent drivers, regularly assisted by a number of selected freelancers. Among many others, let’s in any case mention the seasoned Patrick Temba and Ramadhani Mbogo (better known as Masamaki), who heed two key words when driving our Scania transportation truck: carefulness and fearlessness. Then there’s Nanyio Lekoko Lukumay, who started as our askari and moved all the way up to his current position; the very experienced Steven Siriwa, who worked in a quarry for several years before joining Kuku Nzito in earthmoving work; and also Luckshman Mukeshi, Zefania Luvanda and Said Mronga.

Then we have the back-office in Moshi, where our general assistant, Felisiana Chami, takes care of all the nitty gritty details of our operation. Felisiana is the quiet force that keeps all of the Kuku Nzito team on the straight and narrow. She attends to many different aspects of the work, including human resources, accounts, reception, and perhaps most of all our conscience. She will question any request for cash thoroughly and if the answer does not satisfy her, no cash will be handed out. Felisiana joined us in 2007 and moved with Kuku Nzito from Arusha to Moshi. 

The whole team is backed up by Jan Harm Beukema, our seasoned general manager with extensive experience in places like Indonesia, Thailand and Uganda, and our financial wizard Monique Brouwer. Last but not least, David Lomnyaki is our trusted multi-tasker and driver who escorts our transports of heavy equipment.