It is Kuku Nzito’s mission to become the most reliable, customer-friendly operator in North Tanzania, and ultimately in all Tanzania. A company that customers from all sectors contact with pleasure, knowing they will be well served and assisted in their own non-core activities of bush clearing, building roads, dams or trenches, and all other kinds of land-leveling requests.

Kuku Nzito doesn’t settle for less than the best. When working with us, you will experience that first-hand and will find that our values are the cornerstone of how we conduct business on a daily basis. Our mission provides us with a competitive strategy that pushes us to always outperform ourselves.

As customers discover that Kuku Nzito offers the best quality/price ratio and is consistently professional in all respects, they will keep coming back to us. We keep downtimes to a minimum and ensure that equipment is well maintained. We are transparent in all we do and never work longer than necessary just to add to cost. We are always flexible in adjusting to the customer’s special demands, and we make sure that the entire job is done swiftly and smoothly while observing specific requirements in terms of time and money.

We are keep developing with the years of experience, and are now able to take on most aspects of a project, from advice on how to run a land-leveling project, taking site measurements, assessing the full costs, coordinating and controlling sub-suppliers for particular parts of the project, to offering consultancy services on how to manage your own fleet of machines.

We support agriculture in Tanzania, and with our additional involvement in filtration and plant nursery we can offer synergetic know-how and skills in the field of mainly non-core farm activities. We are men on the ground and are quick to get the lay of any land.