Kuku Social

Of course, when people see the Kuku Nzito logo on our cars or heavy machines, it makes them smile… Kuku Nzito, the “fat chicken” in Kiswahili – it’s a funny name for a heavy earthmover! Of course the color refers to the yellow color of our big machines; but besides that, why not mingle work with some fun?

Nevertheless, we are extremely serious when it comes to our Core Values. They are the keys to our past, present & future success.


At Kuku Nzito, we heed the following 8 key rules:


  • Teamwork: We work together to do what is best for our customers and the enterprise.
  • Safety: We make sure everyone gets home safely, every day, incident free.
  • Excellence: We offer unparalleled expertise.
  • Integrity: We are honest, respectful and fair.
  • Accountability: We meet our commitments to each other and our customers.
  • Communication: We share relevant information to be more effective with our team and our customers.
  • Technical care: Our equipment is expensive, it’s our daily working tool; we take utmost care to use and maintain it in top condition.
  • Respect for the environment: In everything we do, we take into account the impact on the environment.


Kuku Nzito incorporates in its business decisions the full relevance and impact of Planet, Profit and People. We are in Tanzania to contribute to employment opportunities and to improve the Tanzanian infrastructure and economy. We have the interests of the country and its people at heart.

Kuku Nzito has utmost respect for its workforce and offers its employees more than fair employment and remuneration conditions, without any discrimination in terms of color or gender. We adhere to all Tanzanian labor requirements, also in respect to insurances and social obligations. We implement all measures leading to improved security & safety rules and regulations in our business.

Kuku Nzito is committed to protecting the environment and will not take on a job if there’s a risk of harming the environment. We also make sure to clean up a site once a project has been completed; our team is trained to look for unnecessary waste.

Kuku Nzito supports the efforts of the Greenmanjaro Foundation in reforestation and social improvement in the Kilimanjaro area, see www.greenmanjaro.com.