Our Operations

If it moves, we'll move it!

We can also move your machines on our low bed; getting you from A to B safely. With our grasp of all the paperwork, and thanks to our excellent relationships with TANROADS and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, we are able to operate swiftly and always within the boundaries of the law.

Getting road permits can be a time-consuming business, but we have people in place who know the procedures by heart. Call us with your questions!

You’ve got the machines, but lack the time? Let us manage them for you!

With our crew of outstanding operators and mechanics we can take on any job. Whether you need an operator for a long-term project or a mechanic for a difficult job, we have the people and the knowledge.

We can manage your machines in full or assist you on request. We have a fleet of well-maintained heavy machinery, ready to operate, limiting downtime by having mechanics on the spot, if need be. You’re welcome to stop by our office to discuss your needs.

Planning on doing a lot of work and looking for the right people for the job? We probably know the people you need. Since our establishment in 2005 we have built an extensive network of people from many different disciplines and backgrounds. Give us a call with your question and chances are we can connect you with the right person. Surveyors, contractors, architects, spare part dealers, craftsmen, jacks-of-all-trade -- you name it, we know them.