Being Reliable

The jarring impacts of a construction site; the harsh demands of agriculture and trucking. Our heavy equipment is designed to operate in some of the most challenging environmental conditions. But these immense machines are only as durable and productive as the maintenance and care provided by their drivers and technicians.

Find what you need with an off-the-shelf solution. Or, for very particular challenges, our world-class team will work out an original land leveling solution to suit your needs.

Resistant to shock, vibration, water, humidity, mud, dust, heat and virtually anything else you can throw at them -- built for the toughest, dirtiest jobs that make our modern way of life possible -- Kuku Nzito heavy equipment will withstand the most demanding environments. Our machines are ruggedized to cope with extreme use.

Construction zones are some of the most demanding industrial environments on the planet. When spending days, weeks and months working under the most extreme conditions of heat and rain and mud, operators are happy to rely on our broad range of high-quality, harsh-environment dozers and excavators to withstand intense vibration and debris to get the job done.