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Don’t underestimate the power of an experienced and well-trained team of mechanics and drivers ready to assist you in any earthmoving job. We are well versed in the world of agriculture where we operate with perfectly maintained heavy equipment to coordinate all types of jobs: from bush clearing to road construction, to building dams or water trenches. We rent out our equipment with expert drivers, we handle transportation, and we can advise on as well as manage full construction projects. 

You can count on us. We promise only what we can achieve, and then go on to exceed your expectations. We offer a competitive price, delivery according to requested planning, full transparency in what we do and clear communication about progress and unexpected circumstances. So no unpleasant surprises!
Our company is based on three solid rules:
Best quality/price ratio - is our aim
Customer must be happy – is our commitment
Continuity and professionalism - is our motto

Key tags are:
1.    Rental services: on-time delivery, reliable equipment, value for money, excellent maintenance, full-package concept (driver included, transportation to site, operational advice, etc.), limited downtime thanks to excellent mechanics; solid reputation and dedicated customer care.
2.    Sales services: “ready-ready” concept (machines delivered anywhere in Tanzania, all transportation requirements settled), no hassle, knowledge of what is available where, value for money, speedy contracting, after-sales service.

You can rely on Kuku Nzito. We have been around for long enough and know how to perform an excellent job throughout the country, exactly according to your requirements. Call us or read this site for more information on who we are, what we offer and how we work! You are welcome for free advice on your latest equipment or project challenge.